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Dear Westcoast Partner Community,

We are excited to join Westcoast on the second round of the Nebula Roadshow, kicking off in Dublin this month and travelling the length of the UK. There is no substitute for meeting Partners and Vendors face to face and exploring new cloud opportunities.

Many industry events provide a showpiece for vendors to display and market their latest wares, but offer little in the way of useful workshops to understand how cloud services fundamentally change the way IT organisations operate. The Nebula Roadshow provides a compelling focus not just on the “what” but the “why” and “how” around building a sustainable cloud business model.

The rise of Office 365 as Microsoft’s fastest growing product has presented UK and Irish service providers with a unique opportunity to support customers on their journey to the cloud. As corporate email remains a fundamental part of every modern business, new hosted services are forcing businesses to reconsider how they think about and manage this communication tool.

How do you plan to differentiate and make money off cloud email in the face of commoditisation and slimming margins?

We work with many partners who are keen to deliver security solutions to customers and make their offering stand out while providing unique added value. Information security has been a hot topic for some time now, but what does this mean for a cloud service provider and how does it apply to the average SMB? Why should these businesses reconsider the way they use email and how can they best leverage encryption technology?

From speaking to Westcoast Partners on a daily basis it has become clear that a proactive approach to delivering solutions such as Office 365 alongside complimentary, high-value services is helping win new business and secure sustainable recurring revenue.

I am keen to hear your thoughts on what cloud services mean to you and how you are approaching the second half of 2016. See you in Dublin, Manchester, London and Reading!


Daniel Patterson

Cirius Channel Manager


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