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The thought of migrating server workloads to the cloud can be daunting for a lot of organisations.  The risk of significant downtime during a migration, with its impact on business productivity, customer and supplier relationships, and the potential for data loss cause many to delay for as long as possible.  However, postponing a migration due to those fears can expose businesses to even more significant dangers than the actual server migration itself!

What if there were a solution that could not only lessen these fears, but could actually remove them?  A solution that reduced the risk and simplified the process?  At Visions Solutions we have the tools and migration expertise to help.

During the Nebula roadshow, I will be talking about Double-Take MOVE and our Cloud Migration Center (CMC) which provides a low risk, automated migration process.  The CMC, enables you to migrate data from practically any physical, virtual or cloud environment to Microsoft Azure with little risk and near zero downtime.

Using the Double-Take Move engine, CMC simplifies the migration of server workloads by automating the process and removing the potential for human error.  It provides an intuitive control console that lets the user manage and scale the configuration of all servers affected by the migration.  This coupled with near-zero downtime and easy licensing makes Double-Take Move the perfect solution for all migrations to Microsoft Azure.

With the same Double-Take technology, we can also help you say goodbye to SQL Server 2005 and transition your clients’ legacy database systems to SQL Server 2014 and 2016.  Double-Take SQLMove delivers quick, easy SQL server upgrades and migrations.  Now you can also avoid the biggest obstacles to upgrading/migrating, with SQLMove’s 4 simple steps.

And, if you are looking for expertise to get your migration service up and running, or advice and support in more complex migration projects, our professional services team are on hand to help you with every aspect of the migration process – from strategy to execution and post-migration clean-up.

I am really looking forward to the Nebula workshops and exploring how we can help you transition your client’s legacy systems to SQL Server 2016, and migrate their servers quickly and easily into Azure.


– Mark Adams, Channel Business Manager, Vision Solutions

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