Channel Manager, Cirius

Daniel Patterson is the Cirius Channel Manager for UK and EMEA business development. Daniel is an experienced technical sales manager with a background in financial technology and compliance, and has helped firms from SMBs to multinational enterprises adopt innovative cloud solutions. Daniel is also a technical writer and content marketing specialist with a focus on security, European data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining the Cirius team, Daniel was a business development manager for an international financial technology company. Canadian by design, he has lived in London for the past 3 years and has adopted classic British customs of queuing and complaining about the weather.


About Cirius

Cirius is a fast-growing team of security professionals dedicated to providing a simplified solution for securely sending and receiving email, large files and obtaining e-signatures – without impeding the speed of business. As a cloud solution, over 6,500 professionals worldwide depend on the Cirius platform to protect how they communicate electronically. Whether accessing through a mobile device, Office 365, Outlook or their desktop, Cirius makes it easy to track and protect email communications both internally and externally.

Cirius works with a global network of channel partners to drive cloud adoption and increase recurring revenue, while offering a truly unique value proposition that compliments offerings such as Microsoft Office 365 to help boost gross profit margins.


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