With several years’ experience designing cloud solutions for HP & building strategy on managing content for enterprise customers, Lee specialises in identifying business problems & designing efficient solutions through the use of technology. Built on a foundation in operations, product design & management, Lee brings a wide understanding of enterprise IT solutions.

Lee has a background in both IT Service Management & Content Management functions for private and public sector. He also has provided consultancy in these areas during his time at EMC, HPE and then as an independent consultant.

In 2013 Lee lead the design of Mailsphere, an Email security and archive platform built on Amazon Web Services. Since then Lee has worked with partners and customers to prioritise the development roadmap and ensure that Mailsphere continues to produce relevant, simple and cost effective enterprise value to its partners and their customers.

About Mailsphere and SeedCloud

SeedCloud is both a B2B focused software incubator and a technical advisor to leading Private Equity and VC firms such as KKR, Notion Capital and many others, as well as software companies in their portfolio.

SeedCloud reflects the software architecture of the giants of cloud technology, and applies these emergent best practices to companies in its software portfolio.

Mailsphere, founded by SeedCloud, is based on leading cloud architecture principles for resilience, scalability and rapid feature development.

SeedCloud and Mailsphere are backed, among others, by some of the original founders of MessageLabs.