Whales vs Minnows – Where Are You Spending Your Energy?

[A Guest Blog by HostITGrowth]


Here’s a question for you – should you treat all of your customers equally?

I’d say maybe not…

For example, if you’ve got a whale of a customer who spends £10,000 a month with you, and a minnow who spends £500 a year with you, which one should get the better service?

… Or to put it another way, which one holds the power to help or hurt you more?

If you lose the whale of a customer, you’re out significant revenue. Lose the £500 a year customer and you’ll replace them in a heartbeat (if you even notice they’re gone.)

So the question becomes not should you treat them differently, but how you should treat them differently.

I’d suggest a surprise and delight strategy, giving whale customers gifts and surprises that range from simple thank you letters of appreciation, to special deals, to free products in exchange for honest reviews and epic amounts of good will.

Why we’re on the topic, here’s one more thing…

Create an exclusive “club” just for your whale customers. You can charge for the club or not, depending on your business goals. But no matter what, treat these customers like gold. Not only are you much more likely to retain them (especially cloud customers) – you’ll also get introduced to their friends.

… And guess who hangs out with whales?

Other whales!

Now, if you’re not sure how to land these whales in the first place then you’re going to love what we have in store from you at the next Nebula Event where you’ll uncover, the three simple steps to attracting customers with money. It’s the ultimate shortcut to magnetically a steady stream of high paying fun to work with clients.

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